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Issue 2011

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Oil Production

Putting an End to Gas Flaring

Far too much natural gas is flared in offshore oil production. A new technology will turn the associated gas into a valuable asset. More ...


Sulfuric Acid Production

Team with an Entrepreneur Gene

How colleagues from Bayer Technology Services developed a new process – and then also took charge of its marketing. More ...


Career Planning

Career Times Three

Not every employee aspires to the classical career path of a manager. At Bayer Technology Services there are other options. More ...


Inspection Management

Preventive Check-Ups

How often should plants and equipment be inspected? It depends, says Bayer Technology Services, while helping with the answer. More ...


Process Analytics

An Enlightening Shine

Sampling is not always necessary. Sometimes an optical process directly in the reactor suffices – such as fluorescence analysis.  More ...



AutoMATically Well Sampled

How can experts facilitate the process control of the booming biotechnology industry? For example, with automated sterile sampling. More ...


Fluid Dynamics

Achieving the Perfect Flow

How do you build a reactor to ensure that gases are able to efficiently react with each other? This is a case for fluid dynamics engineers. More ...


Climate Protection

The World Needs Smart Houses

How can old buildings be made more energy efficient? After a thorough inspection, experts can make specific recommendations. More ...


Process Optimization

Knowing What Hamster Cells Crave

How do you induce cell cultures to produce more of the protein crucial for people with hemophilia A? A multitalented team finds the answers. More ...


Protection for bee hives

Clean-Living for Bees

A special purification process frees honeycombs from impurities – with positive benefits for the offspring as well as for the wax quality. More ...


Drug Development

Let’s Make a Model

Researchers who can reliably predict the fate of substances in the body with a computer model are in a better position to plan clinical trials. More ...



Always the Right Printout

Companies that have to ship chemicals know a different label is needed for every order. Easily printable versions are therefore highly practical. More ...


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